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NEW! News You Can Use ~ July/August Issue

The July/August issue of News You Can Use is available here.   

NEW! Call for Submissions: DFA's 40th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet

As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, the DFA is producing a booklet to celebrate 40 years of solidarity.  DFA members - past and present - are invited to submit articles, stories, photos, and interesting facts about  DFA's establishment, history and the issues we address.  If you would like to submit, please contact Catherine.Wall@dal.ca.  Written submissions should be 500-750 words in length and must be received no later than September 4, 2018. 

NEW! 2017-2018 HSA Entitlement Claims Due Sept 30

June 30 was the deadline for using your $500 Health Spending Account (HSA) entitlement for the 2017-2018 academic year. Unused HSA balances can be carried forward for one year only, but will then be forfeited. (Effective July 1, 2018, the HSA entitlement for the academic year will be $750.) The HSA is an amount you can use for payment of medical expenses not covered by your basic health and dental plan, including health and dental premiums. Visit http://dfa.ns.ca/health-spending-account-guide for more info. You will have until September 30 to file your claim with Medavie Blue Cross.

DFA's Updated Review of Dalhousie University Budget Finances

Tuition fee hikes and cuts to faculty budgets are not a financial necessity.  They are a choice by the administration to direct money towards capital expenses and increasing non-academic costs.  Click here for the updated review of Dalhousie's finances from 2002-2017.  (verifed by a forensic accountant). 

Negotiations Wrap Up ~ President's Bulletin: March 19, 2018

Please click here for DFA President Darren Abramson's final wrap up on the DFA's negotiations with the Dalhousie Board of Governors. 

Submit Your Health Claims via Mobile App

As a Medavie Blue Cross subscriber, you are now able to submit health claims via a mobile app.  Details available at https://www.medaviebc.ca/en/members/medavie-mobile.

President's Bulletin: Choices Have Consequences

Click here for the DFA President's Bulletin (September 2017) for comments from DFA President Darren Abramson on academic staffing at Dalhousie.

President's Bulletin: Dalhousie's Budget ~ It's About Choices

Please take a moment to read the August 2017 President's Bulletin by DFA President Darren Abramson. This issue is about Dalhousie administration's budget choices.


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